Packing for Winter in June

Next week I am taking off on a whole new adventure. It will be my first time in South America, my first time below the equator-which also means my first time in the Southern Hemisphere- and also my first Winter in June. Not only is it “Winter” in June, but it is a Winter I am unfamiliar with.

My winters have ranged from -20 below zero (Fahrenheit) to a balmy 35 degrees on a good day. There’s normally snow- lake effect snow, and a wind chill, and ice and black ice. The research I’ve gathered so far on Santiago, Chile shows me a whole new range of winter temperatures.

It appears that in the city, I can expect it to be in the low 40’s at night, and high 50’s-mid 60’s during the day. But that is in the city, or surrounding villages at sea-level. However, venturing upwards into the Andes Mountains, I can expect a more familiar-winter climate complete with snow flurries.

It seems I need to pack for all possible options, and I have to do it amidst the fresh 80-degree Summer breeze blowing through my window. I also have to fight the battle of balancing business casual clothes I need for work purposes, with comfortable  clothes for sight-seeing and taking in all the culture.

Suggestions welcome!

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