About me

Hiking in Tent Rocks, New Mexico

ESOL Teacher

Teaching English to students of a consortium of different cultures and from approximately 68 (but who’s counting?) different countries over the past ten years.

Tennis Coach

I have been teaching tennis to kids for the last 15 years, and have been coaching our school’s Varsity Girls’ Tennis Team for the past four years. If and when I have free time, tennis is my preferred form of exercise. Close seconds are running, hiking and barre.

Traveler + Dreamer

17 countries going on 100+.

26 States going on 50.

2 Canadian provinces going on 10.

7 Comunidades Autónomas going on 17 (España).

Every year we try to add at least one new country, and one new state. One new Adirondack hike, one more New York State Park, one more U.S. National Park.

You will notice an emphasis on Spain, since I have been there eight times, and that number is only going to grow since mi amor es de España.

Linguistic & Cultural Nerd

You will also notice that a lot of my posts, although they usually talk about travel, have a cultural spin to them. Working with so many different cultures, languages, and nationalities, cultural comparisons are constantly at the forefront of my brain. I believe that by shedding light on the integral aspects of culture, we can all find common ground and understanding in this world.

Also, I’m constantly trying to pickup new languages.

Native English Speaker, Advanced Spanish Speaker, Conversational Russian, Novice Italian. And 6 words in Arabic!

My future goal is to have all of my posts bilingual (English & Spanish).